You can call me hood. I am from Los Angeles. This is my collection called "Designer Signs". I feel like more and more people are using their zodiac sign as a piece of their personal brand and identity, similarly to how people do with the fashion brands they wear. So, I decided to reimagine the star signs as fashion marks. They are both a common part of how we express ourselves in the modern world; whether you think that's cool or not is up to you.

Side note: I used to think zodiac signs, horoscopes and all that were overrated but then I went to a real astrologer once and got my chart read and it was shockingly accurate. I think a lot of people obsess over their zodiac signs just because they hear it's cool (similar to fashion brands), but when you actually go to someone who studies it and you learn the science behind it all, you develop a new appreciation for it. It's not just some vague daily message you get in an app.

I'm a Libra.