hood is a Los Angeles-born artist & designer. The alias came from the artist's mental need to wear a hooded sweatshirt while creating artwork. The name simultaneously fulfills the artist's desire to remain anonymous; not for personal reasons, but for the viewer's focus to be solely directed toward the message of the works the artist creates.

hood has a distinct style of artwork resemblant to that of streetwear designers and stems from a career within that industry. The artist typically meshes pop-culture and iconic symbols into designs that are often visually minimal, yet bold. The artist is not afraid to go against the grain and make controversial statements with and within the artwork, often exposing social and political issues of current or future times. 

hood has a unique attention to color and typography that makes the artist's works stand out. The artist is a perfectionist when it comes to the placement of elements within the artwork and will often make multiple versions of the same piece with nearly unnoticeable changes before deciding on a final version.

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